Taxi for Mr O’Neill

Surely the writing is on the wall for Martin O’Neill who despite an outstanding track record just does not seem to be able to make it crack at Sunderland.

But i’m bound to say i wouldn’t want to be the one who had to give him the bullet.

Still, every game must be agony to him and i suspect that like the honest guy he seems to be he will see fit to fall on his sword, pretty sharpish. (see what i did there 😉

AVB windy over ‘Defoe departure’

I sense that Spurs coach Andre Villas-Boas might be whistling past the graveyard as he dismisses the idea of Jermain Defoe being poached by QPR in the Christmas transfer window.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Harry had demanded a choice player or two as a condition of taking the job — he certainly needs some.

But it would be a shame to see Defoe leave Tottenham where he is flying alongside the majestic Gareth Bale. Oh, and by the way; why would Defoe want to go to minging QPR anyway? (none intended obviously 😉

Chelsea Fans Warm Welcome for Fatty Benitez

Well anyway, what about Benitez’s baptism of fire at the hands of grateful Chelsea fans? Full of the typical old world charm we might expect from them.

But come on, give the blob a break why don’t you? He may be rotten but give him a chance to prove it already! In any case why make such a fuss – it’s not like he’s gonna be there for long, is it? 😉

They say patience is a virtue and you never know: the special one may yet return one day?

Where’s Arry?

Well QPR obv! And you have to admire him if only for his pluck.

We all like a challenge now and again but Redknapp’s latest choice of assignment might strike some observers as being above and beyond the call of duty. I’m with them.

In fact, between you and me, considering the mess left behind by the unlamented Mark (more clubs then Severiano Ballesteros) Hughes, if Harry keeps QPR in the premier league i’ll pass my fags round.

Watch this space but put your lighters away.

Dire Arsenal take a spanking at Old Trafford

Well out of pity for gooners i’m almost tempted to leave it at that but granny told me never to ignore an open goal.

Rooney was rampant with a hat-trick while Ashley Young scored two of the best goals you’ll see all season.

The outcome was a truly ignominious defeat and an almighty humbling for the beleagured Arsenal manager.

It may finally be time to whisper the unthinkable:

“mettez en marche la voiture” 😉


What a weekend to kiss and make up with the BBC.

Manchester United 8  Arsenal 2

Ferguson and his team go from strength to strength.

His blue rivals from across the city are looking like a team this year, but at what cost? Is it really football when you just throw money at it?




I’ve never understood why professional footballers feel the need to celebrate a goal by removing their shirts.

I understand it even less now that such celebrations bring an automatic yellow card.  Admittedly some players have worked hard at creating new and bizarre celebrations.  Surely this is the way forward. Perhaps there could be a prize for the best one at the end of the season.

Meanwhile, it must make managers very angry. Take, for example, Kevin Doyle this weekend. He scored a great goal and then got booked for taking his shirt off!

A team in Wolves position (if last season is anything to go by) need all the help they can get, and to potentially lose one of their best strikers in the coming weeks due to a goal celebration must make  Mick McCarthy see red never mind yellow!


Luck of the draw

And I’m not talking about who your favourite team plays in the FA Cup or Champions League. No, I’m talking about the lottery that we’re all in, even footballers, called life.

Over the years there have been many promising careers blighted by injury. Darren Anderton, Ledley King, Jonathan Woodgate to name but a few.

This weekend another from that list, Kieron Dyer,  fell foul (no pun intended) of life’s injury lottery, as he injured his foot in his first Premiereship game for QPR. The latest in a long line of injuries that have stifled a promising career.

Perhaps life is telling him he should have been a postman.

It’s Official

It’s official, Cesc Fabregas, one of the best footballers of his generation, wise beyond his years from an early age, has signed for Barcelona.

He says it’s the greatest challenge of his life. He may be right.

I wish him well at the Nou Camp, but the grass isn’t always greener. Watch this space.

Shock! Wenger doesn’t want Joey Barton

Wenger doesn’t want Joey Barton? Why ever not? Such a nice boy! And the best midfielder in England of course.

Following his latest infantile antics where he hit the deck as if felled by a bad-tempered sasquatch, Barton is reported to have admitted ‘I’ve been hit harder at school’. No doubt, and that was probably by a girl.

Perhaps the laconic frog realises he’s in enough trouble already?

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